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Goodbye to you, Qwest.

You've failed me for the last time, you Coal Age telecom thugs!

Talked briefly with the folks at Time Warner Cable/Roadrunner, who informed me that I could pick up the necessary gear to get online with them at their Richfield store until 7 PM any time this week, so I guess it's a good thing that I drove to the P&R this morning. Think I'll take a half-hour for lunch and leave early to facilitate this.

The six-month introductory rate is a $15 savings over what Qwest was charging me for the DSL line and "basic internet" (=penalty for using somebody besides Qwest as my ISP) and router rental, and the full $44 rate is no worse than what Qwest charges for slower service. I would have preferred to stick with DSL (I am old enough that there seems something wrong about getting Internet access through the cable jack) but AT&T can't provide it for some reason and I don't want to wait for McLeod.

Update: The Richfield office couldn't open an account for me, so I wound up going home and calling the TWC customer care people to get that done. So tonight instead of going out to Motley Tuesday and talking to Earl as I'd planned to do originally, I'll be wrestling with the cable hookup.
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