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see you on the firing line

Loaded up my Badger with all my crap (3 GSCs full of ammo, modules, and blueprints) and hauled ass for the war zone, stopping briefly along the way to sell a Domination MWD for major iskies. Got there, didn't find any decent ships to buy, and wound up fitting out an Osprey for shield repping since there was a lot of that going on, and I wanted to be useful. Turned out nothing needed shield repping except some station modules, which my little Osprey just couldn't do much for, so I decamped, refitted, and came back to shift cap to the carriers that were doing the heavy lifting. This went on for a while, moved to another system to pump up some other POS that were coming out of reinforced, and when we finished that I dropped out and headed for the barn. I put in my app to DJ on GFSFM, since none of the other DJs were on last night. We'll see if I get approved...I probably have a more eclectic mix of stuff that anyone except possibly thaadd or chebutykin, who isn't a Goon and therefore doesn't really count. Maybe tomorrow I'll shuttle back to 1v and bring my Raven down.

In other news, today was slow; made some entries, cut some checks, dealt with payroll, and left around the normal time despite the boss leaving at 1300.

Finally sent off the books people ordered from Half.com. Go look in the bookstore; you may find something to interest you.
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