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Ham hock/rice mess = success!

I have to be critical of myself and give it a C+, since I clearly put too much rice and not enough water in the crock pot and so some of the rice was still an oots crunchy. I am currently soaking the parts that got stuck to the liner...also, 2 tsp black pepper is obviously way too much. Result isn't as hot as the Family Chili recipe, but it made me glad I had some tea left over from this morning when I was too rushed to remember it. Oh, yeah - Carlos, posole is basically grits soup with garbanzo beans, chili, pork and some other seasonings. I figure a ham hock ought to do for flavoring, based on my experience today. :)

Blew the last of my free cash on bandages, frozen veg and chicken lumps, which isn't as bad as it sounds since payday next week will be on Tuesday on account of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Now to wash out some socks for tomorrow, and some internet spaceships. Maybe even some fleet action, what?
Tags: domestic stuff, food

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