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another night with the morons

This was pretty entertaining, and I have "Man of Constant Sorrow" stuck in my head to boot. Lots of obvious parallels to The Odyssey, lots of funny scenes, all in all a good time.

DC Moronpalooza had a decent turnout, but the venue kind of sucked on account of the band, which was loud and awful. I suppose if I liked Irish folk music better I would have enjoyed it more, but I don't and I didn't. They played with enough volume to damn near make conversation impossible, so I spent a lot of the time watching Alabama turn Mississippi State into dog food. The consensus was that we'd find someplace different (i.e. quieter) for next time. Got home around midnight, again; bonus points for the Metro Smartcard having a balance on it so I didn't have to pay for anything except Diet Coke and the Black & Tan onion rings, which were tasty but awfully greasy.

Spent most of my time today packing my stuff and moving it to 1v so it can get jumped to the new Goon home down south and I can get into the war against former brosefs AAA (Against All Authorities, the Russian anarchists), who apparently got bribed & cajoled by a bunch of isk-eBaying asshole Russians into going after us. Good news is that most of what used to be Red Alliance is still on our side. Better news is that so far their attack has been epic fail. Maybe we are as good as we appear to be. :D

Went over to Fox Way and found 2 of the 3 books I've sold on half.com, but left my gloves over there. :(
Did shopping on the way back and will probably make bread in the robot along with soup in the crockpot tomorrow. All the pork and beef roasts they had at Shoppers were ginormous, so I just got some ham hocks, barley, onions and canned veggies for the soup instead. Ought to be interesting.

And now to kick back and enjoy Kill Bill Volume 2 . :)
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