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I'm going to need Surgipads. Lots of Surgipads.

Saw the wound care specialist over lunch today, and I guess she'll be taking point on that aspect of my healthcare since my podiatrist has left Kaiser for God knows where. Just as well I didn't make an appointment with him for later this month. Anyway, she likes what I've been doing but thinks I need to change it up and go with a bleach dressing, which will help drain the crap out of my legs while at the same time neutralizing it and keeping it from irritating the skin. The downside of this is that it's going to require Surgipads and gauze in case quantities, so I'll have to figure out how to fit that into the budget.

Also got a letter from Kaiser saying they weren't going to pay for compression garments because I hadn't completed something or other. LOL, wut? I jumped through all the hoops they set before me, drove three hours up and back to get the damn things fitted (twice) and pick them up, and now four months later you decide you're going to put me on the hook for this? I don't think so, guys.
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