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Ever felt the gun for the trigger? Ever gone so fast you could die?

Woke up ~0130 and couldn't get back to sleep...going to try again in a few minutes.

Probably should have waited until morning to get the news, but like a moron I fired up Cowzilla and scoped out the election results. Meh. As I said in a comment over at armalitespade's joint, "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." A lot of people are going to get it good and hard for the next 4-8 years...and I expect to enjoy plenty of schadenfreude as the folk dazzled by The Lightworker realize how much they're going to pay for their refusal to see the new President for what he is. It ain't all about the taxes, either.

People who think Governor Palin is going to fade back into some kind of Northern Sun twilight zone are kidding themselves. Give her four years to assemble a campaign and she'll have a good shot at the '08 nomination.
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