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Election Day in Alexandria

Didn't quite manage to make it to the polls at 0600 - more like 0730, and it was 0915 before I finished voting. Kudos to the Alexandria City Elections Office, though; they had people going down the line to make sure new voters (like me) were in the right precinct, people giving orientations to the odd voting machines they use here, and people pulling folks out of line and bringing them up to otherwise empty tables to sign in. I think they could have done better across the street in the elementary school, where there would have been more space for more tables & more sign-in books, but considering the huge mass of people -when I got into line, the line was three blocks long before it got to the parking lot and wrapped around that before going into the polls.

Got off work ~1700 and was so tired that I forgot my TX and test kit. :(

Went home, fixed pasta, ate about half of it, and at this point I'm seriously thinking about changing my bandages and going to bed. No point in getting annoyed by idiots in the media speculating about who won, who lost, what the exit polls mean, or any of that nonsense. Before I go, though, this is the idiot who represents me in Congress. Perhaps if the Lord is kind and the voters are willing, he'll be turned out of office today, but I'm not holding my breath. (Michelle Malkin)
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