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Mixed emotions

I feel marginally better this morning than I did yesterday, although a lot of that is probably the DayQuil doing what it can with the crud. Still achy and tired; my sinuses are still congested as well. I'm beginning to think this isn't going to go away until after Arcana, and maybe not even then if they haven't dealt with the mold in Bandana Square.

Decided to get out and go to the Diversicon 12 post-mortem, about which more in another post. phoenixalpha was bored and unhappy with the proceedings, and we left after an hour to do grocery shopping before going home and collapsing. Recovered somewhat after dinner and decided to watch Passion fo the Christ despite its obvious unsuitability as a bedtime movie; review follows in another post.

I expect today to be interminable, boring and several hours longer than it needs to be, but that's life.
Tags: diversicon, domestic stuff
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