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she's flown to other shores

Didn't get screwed on the time change again this year, which was good, but slept in for an additional couple of hours, which was not.
Managed to scrape together enough change to wash out socks & stockings, and that's currently in progress. Later, bread baking and the expedition to Walmart that was originally planned for yesterday.

Eric Flint and David Weber team up for another ginormous alt-history Thirty Years' War tome, 1634: The Baltic War, which continues the tale that started with Flint's 1632. Pretty awesome land battles, diplomatic shtuff, high-level canoodling with long-term implications, enough political and technical subplots to make things interesting but not excessively gearheadish. Very much recommended, and considering its size, it can also come in handy as a paperweight or disciplinary tool.

I have to disagree with chocol8fiend about Robert Kaplan's Hog Pilots, Blue Water Grunts, which I found every bit as interesting as its predecessor, Imperial Grunts. Kaplan goes a little further afield this time, getting a check ride in a B-2 and going underwater with one of the Navy's nuclear attack subs, but brings it all home with a useful meditation on the divide between the liberal intelligentsia and the conservative military. Highly recommended.

Spent a good part of the afternoon putting together a compilation of all the book reviews I've done on this LJ; I'd put it up at my Blogspot blog, which I want to start using more for serious political essays, book reviews, etc. as well as (hopefully) generating some revenue from the Amazon Associates program. Unfortunately, that'll have to wait on Google's service department restoring my access to that blog, since I stupidly didn't bother to switch the contact e-mail over from the old AT&T account and now can't log in. :( For now, I'm going to house the list on the old Geocities site, and put a link in the sidebar.
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