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Happy birthday!

To therevdrnye, whose birthday was actually Thursday, but I was Busy with Other Stuff.
To RS, whose birthday is today.
To digex, whose birthday has been ganked by Heisenberg and may have been yesterday. Or not.
Last but not least, yuusui. I hope your day was full of tiki drinks and happiness.

P came down to this neck of the woods last night to retrieve her truck, so I introduced her to Marino's and we munched out at the FDR Memorial. They've done pretty well by the old socialist bastard; it is an impressive monument but very people-oriented with lots of benches and cool pools and Serious Quotations.

Tonight, therevdrnye celebrate his birthday (and All Saints Day) by eating the chicken that affirms the Supreme Pontiff! Also, I plan to hit Walmart and maybe Harris Teeter for the stuff I forgot to buy yesterday.
Tags: family drama, food, friends
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