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Plan B in effect

Well, I'm doing some of my laundry, anyway...ran out of gumption after getting home and hauling books, drugs, potatoes, and other miscellany in from the Sportage, and since I had enough quarters for one load I decided to forgo the drive to Fox Way in favor of washing my work shirts, pants and shoes here.

Today's gets from the Beatley: Robert Kaplan's Hog Pilots & Blue Water Grunts -the sequel to Imperial Grunts, natch; John Keegan's Fields of Battle, S.M. Stirling's The Sky People, and finally the graphic novel The Road to Perdition, from which the awesome Tom Hanks movie of the same name was made.

I gave WFB's God and Man at Yale the old college try, but it failed to hold my interest. The sad tale of academics betraying the ideals of the universities that pay them is by now fifty-plus years old, and the only thing notable about Buckley's account of the goings-on at Yale in the Truman era is that it was the first of many alarms being sounded by conservatives about the problem. Back to the library it goes, mostly unread.

Probably going to take a break from EVE until next payday. There are higher priorities right now than internet spaceships, I'm afraid.
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