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Close but no cigar

Went to Rocklands last night to see how their BBQ was, and I have to say I came home with mixed feelings. The place is basically a lunch-counter operation with some tables and a decent sound system playing classic rock, which is a nice change from "traditional" chains like Red Hot & Blue and King Street Blues that assault one's ears with the blues.

I was excited to see fried okra on the menu and made the mistake of ordering a large portion. The okra tasted okay, mostly, except for the underdone chunks that were kind of fibrous. :(

As for the ribs, I feel like I got ripped off. I ordered half a rack of beef ribs and got 2 (two) bones plus an extra slice of meat, and left word in the comments that they need to find bigger cows because two ribs != half a rack. The meat was a little more fatty than I'm used to at a BBQ, but the sauce was good; spicy but not incendiary without the usual sweetness that seems to be common around here. Red beans and rice were bland, about what you'd get if you nuked a can of Hanover's kidney beans and emptied it over some steamed rice; the corn pudding was tasty. It's a Coke joint but doesn't have fountain service.

I might go back again, but then again maybe not; Willard's is head and shoulders above this place, even with the drive out to Chantilly factored in. I'll give it one more shot, trying the pork ribs this time, and see if that's any better.
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