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Positive bleeding

That's what my wound care specialist said, anyway; he said the blood I've been seeing in my bandages lately is a good sign since the blood indicates that some healing is going on. Christ, I hope so. He's not too thrilled about the continued swelling in the legs and is going to suggest Lasix to my PCP (who is hopefully not depressed over the Tory victory last night) to get rid of some of that fluid. Also on the agenda is a call to my physical therapist about getting the CircAids resized so they fit my legs better when I put them on in the morning, and a search for a device provider closer than frikkin' Annapolis.

Going to see an eye doctor Friday for the first time in 18 months. Hope he also has good news, as in, I don't need new glasses, since I have the distinct feeling that new bifocals would cost me an assload of money and two single-vision pairs would be only slightly less.
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