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Jane Galt, she say "Don't look".

Yes, in a short but amusing post on how to handle the horrible things happening to your 401k, that's pretty much the advice she gives. Well, I factored in the fact that she was (perhaps, God forbid!) suffering from the onset of the pneumonic plague, and I looked. Good thing, too, because it allowed me to pick up 20 shares of Q yesterday over lunch for about the price of a Big Mac each. They're already up $0.24/share, and will be paying an eight-cent dividend at the end of November, so it was a pretty good deal. I'm still down a grand from earlier in the year when I liquidated what was left of my Wells pension and socked it away in the Cardboard Box Fund, but since I'm not going to be cashing any of this in for another 21 years, kayn aynhoreh, I figure it has plenty of time to bounce back and keep me in ramen in my old age.

Unrelated: mzmadmike provides a helpful list of what you have to believe in order to be a Democrat. A similar list is threatened for Republicans.
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