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Two comics, one NSFW, the other less so

I can't help wondering if there's a word or phrase that covers the situation I found myself in yesterday, when I bought a comic I thought was cheesecake and found it contained 50% Venture Brothers slash.

The front and back covers of Under The Influence II were adorned with fairly well-done color drawings of Molotov Cocktease and Doctor Girlfriend; the title page featured the R version of the PG-13 cover. Unfortunately, the remaining art in the first half was sketchy B/W line art, and I mean sketchy in both senses of the word. Very disappointing and almost certainly less, um, interesting than a text rendition probably would have been.
Second half of the comic made me feel like I'd just been gypped as opposed to totally ripped off, as it contained a rather clever Azumanga Daioh/Matrix crossover comic that was actually funny and moderately well drawn. Welp.

Brian and Stuart Burke of Angry Viking Press have a winner in Crushed, an amusing tale of a warrior catgirl who was born under a bad sign...probably "Dead End", judging from the first volume of her misadventures. This is a comic for every D&D player whose low-level characters get routinely whacked in many hideous and varied ways, because nothing goes right for this catgirl. I liked this when I saw it on the web sometime back, and I'm glad to see it's finally in print.

Money didn't stretch far enough for me to pick up CoCo GunBun, which looks like a fun mix of blaxploitation and Bubblegun Crisis-style against-the-odds crimefighting. Looking forward to picking that up next time opportunity presents itself, along with the second volume of Crushed.
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