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that was the Sunday that was

Woke up much later than I originally intended, but still made it over to the Hyatt and Anime USA around 1300. Hung out with Bob and helped him pack up when the Dealers' Room closed (still can't believe he got all that stuff in two rolling suitcases), then sat through mercifully short (and poorly-attended) closing ceremonies. Afterwards, the DeJesuses and I along with Antomere Robinson (art director for Funimation) and another fan headed over to Chili's for a nibble to tide the rest of the crew over until the staff & guest dinner later in the evening. I managed to fit nachos and an ice tea into my budget and still have enough to cover parking (whew!); dinner conversation revolved around anime, licensing issues for the same, and weird SNL skits. All too soon it was time to head back to the Hyatt, where Bob & Emmy asked if I was going to NekoCon next month; when they made me an offer I couldn't refuse, the "maybe (probably no)" leaned more toward a "maybe (probably yes)". I'll probably just go down early Saturday morning and come back Sunday evening, but we'll see what the budget looks like at that point. Google says it's about a three-hour drive, but their estimates are full of fail. We'll see.

Time to shoot up and fall over, for there's work to be done tomorrow.
Tags: domestic stuff, friends, the bush of fandom
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