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already off the rails

Original Sunday plan of rising early, doing laundry, and then going over to AUSA failed; apparently I hit the wrong button while resetting my alarm and wound up sleeping in until 1030 again.

Anyhow...I eventually got over to Crystal City around 15-1600, had problems finding parking and eventually wound up in the public parking ramp at 23rd & Crystal, which appeared to be reasonably close to the Hilton. Which it was, but unfortunately for me the convention was actually at the Hyatt, a couple blocks south of there. Met Emmy in the lobby, exchanged hugs, received dealer's badge, and went to sit with her in the dealer's room while Bob went to give panel. Lots of talk about Ohayocon, fandom drama, Detour, etc. which continued in their room after the dealer's room closed (at 6PM???) after which we went to get Chinese in the Green Room. (I had invited them to join P and I at Portofino, but unfortunately Emmy is allergic to dairy products. How ironic that the one non-Hispanic in the room had that problem.) Hung out with staff people watching stuff blow up, stupid Brits on a glacier, and random other crap before we left to attend a panel, which was pretty cool - the fellow presenting is apparently a wheel at Funimation and was showing trailers & box art for some of their coming attractions such as Baccano!, Hell Girl, and Darker than Black. Unfortunately I had to leave and hike up to Portofino.

Portofino is an excellent, excellent Italian place off 23rd and Eads. P and I were both severely underdressed, but the staff had so much class they didn't bat an eye. Nonetheless, next time I go it's business casual at the very least. Anyway, we both had a very excellent gazpacho, after which I had a Florentine manicotti with spinach, ham and ricotta in crepes and baked in cream sauce while P went with the fettuccine with four mushrooms, both most excellent.
This was capped with a fine tiramisu (I tasted P's, not wanting to tempt fate by jacking up my sugar that hard). Service was attentive, prompt and as unobtrusive as possible. All-around excellent, will definitely dine there again.

After that we went back to the Hyatt for some people-watching and conversation, originally in the bar but later in the vacant Cinnabar restaurant, which was the route one had to take to reach the stairs to the third floor. As usual at a convention, slow elevators were slow, so there were plenty of people on the stairs.
All in all, a good Saturday. Today will be likewise full of excitement, but with laundry added.
Tags: anime usa, domestic stuff, food, friends
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