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Easter weekend

In spite of not waking up until 1 PM today, I still feel tired and washed-out and will probably not do any of the things I know I ought to do for tomorrow. I have clean clothes for tomorrow, all the stuff that needs to be taken out of the Kia has been (except for the garbage, which will be bagged up & thrown out tomorrow morning) and everything else can just wait for tomorrow night.

It's been three weeks since Anime Detour and things are still not back to normal around here. My printer is still sitting in a box out in the living room, I have no idea where my Palm Pilot is, and the apartment in general is a mess, with boxes and paper and other stuff all over the place. Plus, we have a bunch of burned-out light bulbs around the place, and everything is closed today except for the gas stations and Walgreens, so I can't replace them without paying through the nose.

So I guess I'm going to pack it in for the day - hit the rack, watch some anime to relax, and carry on tomorrow. This weekend was mostly spent on fun, and that's okay, but tomorrow it's back to the same old grind.