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unexpected bonus

Drove over to Fox Way by way of the Checkers on St. Barnabas Road, for it had been a while since lunch and I was faunching after the tasty Checkerburgers and fries. Carlos was of course asleep, but the dog was very happy to see me*. Valerie was also glad to see me; we chatted some about her classes at PGCC, her tentative plans to visit Colorado, and the ongoing search for work.

I was surprised and pleased to find my senior yearbook sitting under an old Touch-tone wall phone in the kitchen. Looking back with thirty years' perspective, I think it's more likely that I misplaced it rather than that someone stole it (and later returned it), but either way I was glad to see it. Lots of odd, half-forgotten memories were dredged up as I flipped through it.

*The dog is an attention whore, but that's okay since I like dogs. Especially big dogs.