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No joy for the pool participants

Tests came back full of win and goodness; my A1c number is under 7, and all the other numbers look good as well. Doc L is mildly concerned about my cholesterol, but I'm indifferent to it, especially since I plunged from 432 pounds to 424 (wearing the CircAids, unfortunately, so I'm probably more like 422) since last month. No idea how that happened. Going to check back in three months, do another battery of tests right before that, and check in with the podiatrist and Vision Services, since it's been almost a year and a half since I had my eyes examined.

I also need to have the leggings refitted, but damned if I want to drive all the way to Annapolis to get that done. Going to talk to Membership Services, see if there's somebody closer who can do the job.
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