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Megatokyo: dissatisfaction setting in

Holy shit, Fred actually got a strip up in a timely manner! For the first time in...how long?

This was originally triggered by an acdragonmaster post earlier in the week, and to avoid repetition I'll repost my comment from there:
I'm starting to lose interest in it as a webcomic because of all the delays and omake sequences; the recent FMP omake left me completely cold. I'll still buy the books, but the frustration of checking for the comic every M/W/F and not finding it is getting to be a real PITA.

What occurs to me is that Fred has been so wrapped up in side projects like MegaGear and trying to be a "good daddy" that he's not putting the time in on the strip like he used to. If he keeps it up long enough, eventually he'll drive away all but his most hardcore fans. Which may not be enough to keep the thing afloat.

Now, I realize there's folks out there that say "man, you shouldn't bitch, yer gettin' it for free" and while there's some justice to that, there's also the little matter of setting up expectations and repeatedly failing to meet them. If Fred said "Updated when I can" or something like that, fine, I'd probably just set up an RSS feed and have done with it. Telling people you're going to update on a regular basis and then hardly ever managing to hit those marks, though, that's full of fail.

I still like the story a lot. I still want to know how it ends. I want to see Ed getting whacked at least one more time by Ping and/or Miho, and I want to see Dom's evil plans thwarted. I want Piro and Largo (and, of course, Kimiko and Erika) to win, but I don't want Ping and Miho and Ayako to lose, either. But I'm getting God-damned tired of dropping by the page three times a week to see nothing new or some time-wasting crappy inside joke that's only funny to hardcore otaku.
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