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Designing a personal pleasure dome

Yesterday chebutykin threw up a post describing her personal Xanadu (not to be confused with Shangri-La, which is a horse of a completely different color) and asked her friends what theirs would look like. I thought about dashing off a response and actually got a good ways through it before I stopped and started to really think about it.

Further musings follow.

Putting together a laundry list of stuff I'd like to have and thinking about where I'd want to have it has its attractions, if only as a pleasant, diverting little fantasy, but I'm afraid I'm a little too hard-nosed to think I could ever achieve that level of comfort and wealth. The sins and indolence of my youth have revenged themselves upon me in middle age anyway, so I can't even enjoy a lot of the stuff that would be nice to have around, such as fine beer, booze and wine.

My girlfriend Sarah and I used to joke that our ideal home would be a doublewide parked in back of a library, which struck us as funny because of our bookish redneck lifestyles. (Yes, I'm grossly oversimplifying there, but bear with me.) In reality, though...what more do I really want out of life? My greatest pleasures are books, music, anime, sex, and movies, and just about all of these can be enjoyed in a reasonably well-equipped library. It would be nice, for once in my life, to have all of my books, DVDs, videotapes and magazines properly shelved. It would also be nice to have a big screen and comfortable chairs to watch the anime and movies with, and a lifetime supply of Diet Coke. It would be great to have all this within walking distance of a Waffle House, if not on the top floor of the Wardman Tower in Washington.
(It was good enough for Douglas MacArthur, it's good enough for me. ^^)

When all is said and done, though, having a palace like that to live in wouldn't be worth much without someone to share it with. Yeah, I'm probably thinking about this more than it deserves, but that's me.
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