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once more into the payday breach

Actually today went fairly smoothly despite a moderate lack of sleep - got stuck into this here David Drake book which I wasn't sure if I'd read before. I had, but it was a good read anyway. The Sheridan bio is on hold while I make my way through the highly praised John Scalzi novel The Android's Dream, and I may not pick it up again until I finish the two John Barnes Thousand Cultures novels and S.M. Stirling's Dies The Fire.

So, yeah, work. Pretty sure I got everything done today before I ran out of steam ~1530 except the general ledger entries, and I'll pencil those in tomorrow. Boss will be up at Hagerstown for most of the day attending the funeral of our Antietam sales guy, who laid down for a nap last Saturday and didn't get up again. He was only 29. The GM up there is taking it pretty hard; they were pretty good friends and roommates, and in fact the GM is the one who found him. I can imagine how shaken up he must be. :(

I was sufficiently burned out by the payday rush that I skipped the Wal-Mart stop in favor of refueling the Sportage and coming home to hang out and hydrate for a while. I'll probably go back out to Wal-Mart later to get bandages, possibly some other food items.
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