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fool moon

Went to bed at a reasonable hour last night and woke up ~0530 after a couple hours' tossing and turning interrupted by very pleasant dreams. Decided I might as well get up and head into work early, and I was glad I did. Roads were a little more crowded than usual, but the moon was full and high and oddly golden. Very beautiful. Very worth it.

The senior controller phoned it in, so it was a pretty slow day. I stuck around until 1500 anyway and then went home to pick up a box of non-stick bandages I wasn't using so I could donate them to P, who was sorely in need of them. Dinner at Longhorn followed, which was good, even if the waitress was a bit on the obsequious side.

Currently rereading Phil Sheridan and his Army, by Paul Andrew Hutton.
Tags: books, family drama, work

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