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Halfway to nowhere in particular

Went home early yesterday, since I'd taken half a day of PTO for the podiatrist and showed up in the office at 1230. Unfortunately for me, I had taken the train downtown along with half the population of Minnesota, and so had been forced to park out in the abandoned ruins of Fort Snelling. There are dozens of abandoned buildings out there, wood and brick relics of the days when Snelling was what Camp Ripley is now, the main training facility for the Guard and Reserve. Now they're just convenient landmarks for commuters who got aced out of the paved spots closer to the station. Anyway, it meant a good half-mile walk in the drizzle, which did my lungs and throat no good.

Stopped at Cub, got squash & baking potatoes and soup and lunchmeat and bread and yogurt and some other things that were on sale for a buck such as frozen chicken breast meals and bagged salads. Got home, did a light dinner of soup and salad, and crashed early. Much tossing and turning, ended by a pair of generic NyQuil capsules around 0100. I feel a little better this morning despite driving in, but if this persists I'm not going anywhere for any reason this weekend. Well, maybe to the laundry room.
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