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As Cheech and Chong might have said:
OBAMA: "Ha ha, you're so old you don't do e-mail!"
MCCAIN: "But I cannot type on the Intarnets."
OBAMA: "...Und vy not! Vy cannot you type the e-mails, old man?!?!"
MCCAIN: "Because the North Vietnamese have broken both my hands..."

Talk about beclowning yourself. This was information they could have found in sixty seconds on Google, if they were too lazy to use Wikipedia. Maybe if Obama had hung around the Senate a little longer than 143 days, gotten to know some of the other Senators, heard all the old stories, he might have known this. Instead the whole campaign comes across as a bunch of thuggish assholes. Good going, guys. You couldn't be doing better if Karl Rove were running your campaign for us. Or...is he? MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Possibly related: Inside DNC Headquarters. (GVDL)

UPDATE: ESR thinks the wheels are coming off the Obama campaign as well. He's not exactly a big fan of McCain, for a lot of the same reasons I wasn't too enthusiastic about the nominee originally, but he definitely doesn't like Obama.
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