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extended working hours

Would have been off work around 1300 when the boss left, but unfortunately our LAN server had a seizure right about the time Portsmouth wanted to run checks, so I was trapped in the office until about 1600 waiting for the tech to fix the server and get the internets unfucked after he got the server talking again. So, yeah. Went to Kaiser and had a sample taken off my wound, which was a gigantic hassle since I had to get half undressed and get out of the right leg CircAid before attacking the wound dressing. I guess it beats not having a right leg, but sometimes I wonder. [Insert tasteless joke about getting wood here.]

I have mixed feelings about John Barnes' work. I really like the Jak Jinnaka novels, although large parts of A Princess of the Aerie squick me pretty hard; the books in his "Century Next Door" series, not so much. The Armies of Memory, which is the fourth of his "Thousand Cultures" novels, falls somewhere in the middle. It recounts the tale of Giraut, Occitan singer and agent of the OCP, the covert operations arm of the Thousand Cultures Council; at this stage of his life, Giraut is an extremely popular musician, but he's also being subjected to repeated, highly inept attempts on his life. Who's behind the attempts, what became of the renegade Occitan Legion, and other questions are answered as Giraut's OCP team goes after whoever's behind the assassins. I haven't read A Thousand Open Doors , the first novel in this series, in quite a while, and I've never read the middle two, but The Armies of Memory stands on its own well enough, and is an entertaining read besides. Recommended.
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