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So I finally decide to get started on the bookshelves today, only to find that the damn screwdriver has apparently been swallowed up in...something.
Well, at least I finally got the kitchen swept up and the dishes done. Going to take a shower, change bandages and go to bed in a few minutes so I'll be good and rested for tomorrow's excitement.

I can't believe the KosKids and other nutroots outlets (to say nothing of their buddies at CNN/MSNBC) are going after Governor Palin and her daughter the way they have been this weekend. The reaction in the dextrosphere has pretty much been "FILLED WITH RAGE, BITCHES." This is going to turn out to be a worse fiasco than the Ned Lamont campaign at the rate they're going.

Oh yeah - the Nationals were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs today. Big surprise there.