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Saturday political linkagery

Ed Morrissey smells fear.

Kirsten Powers spots the male chauvinist pigs - but they're Democrats! You know it's bad when even Media Matters notices.

Freeman Hunt skewers Taylor Marsh for narcissism: "In adult world where everyone has long since graduated from junior high school, that makes for strange reading."

Meanwhile, Ramesh Ponnuru feels the love after reviewing the Obamassiah's speech:
Finally, Andrew Sullivan calls my criticisms of Obama “vicious and surreal” as well as “paranoid.” Raising questions about Obama’s ties to Ayers and the like strike me as perfectly legitimate. “Vicious and surreal,” on the other hand, seem like the perfect words to apply to Sullivan’s attempts to convince people that McCain has been lying about his POW experience. Indeed, the words “vicious, surreal, and paranoid” would make a good motto for his site.
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