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wtf is wrong with people

The Rat Ladies of Pacific Palisades.

Yeah, it's silly season all right. The Obamaniacs are flipping out over a McCain staffer's D&D comment. Crap like this is why I don't read the comments on ursulav's LJ any more. Those people are fucking batshit crazy. No matter. At the rate The One and his campaign staff are going (down like the Titanic after the iceberg) he's going to get taken out in Denver by the superdelegates. Either that or it's going to be McGovern v. Nixon 2.0, without the Watergate aftermath.

On to (marginally) happier topics...got all the payroll stuff taken care of today and will start rolling up the necessary GL entries tomorrow. Also took care of a short check run for the Portsmouth shop, ran the payroll deposit check to the bank, and inhaled a steak & cheese sub for lunch somewhere in there. Got the apazine done on the way home at the UPS store, mailed it out, and then hit the Harris-Teeter for essentials like milk, yogurt, meat, etc.; tomorrow it's the Wal-Mart for more bandages and probably more foodz.
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