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oh god how can it only be 1400

Thank God I didn't have much to do today. Sleep deprivation was kicking my ass good and hard, but I wasn't actually feeling sick enough to leave early, so I hung in there until 1630 and then bailed.

Think I'm going to load the dishwasher and putter around in the kitchen until it's time to do the post-dinner blood check and shoot up...too tired to play EVE, and the two essays LKS sent me just kind of slid off my brain and went plop on the floor so I'm not going to even try to comment on them. I mean, I could follow what was being said and where the arguments were going, but both essays deserve better than half ass sleep-depped shoot-from-the-lip commentary because there's some serious work that went into them; they're both full of interesting stuff I didn't know before or had merely suspected without having actual evidence. So. Tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the dishwasher calls.
Tags: domestic stuff, history, work

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