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a few quick hits from the Cobb Meat

- I need to do more reading on black history. Too much of what I know is shaped by a false perception that black society (outside of Sherwood Forest) is/was divided between the NAACP and its fellow travelers on the one side and the Tuskegee Machine/BPIA/Malcolm X on the other. As Dr. Spence patiently pointed out, the situation is a lot more complicated than that.

- Cobb needs to write up the history of the GDZ. This is part of the cultural landscape that was damn near invisible to me, and I want to know more.

- There was a lot of talk about music, especially regarding the difficulty of using text to talk about it and communicate the emotional charge of it. Also, since Dr. Spence is working on a book about hip-hop and politics he had some very interesting things to say about the relation of hip-hop/rap to the culture at large.

- I'm wondering how I managed to escape the distaste for playing on PCs after spending all day bashing away at one. Cobb apparently games only on consoles since he can't stand looking at PCs after a hard day's coding.
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