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breakfast at the Hilton

You know you haven't been off con staff long enough when you wander around the hotel lobby after breakfast scoping out the function spaces and thinking out loud about where the best place to put Registration would be. I think P and I both need some more time away from conventions, but in my case that's not happening, so...

For a change of pace (and because P really really needed to get some more of her boxes out of my living room) we did breakfast at the Alexandria Hilton's Finn & Porter restaurant, which is a pretty classy joint and serves a decent eggs/sausage/taters buffet for $13.50, coffee & juice included. Smoked salmon, cold cuts, fruit and cheese are also available on the main buffet, and there are also the usual Continental breakfast components on hand, not to mention hot oatmeal with additives to taste. Finn & Porter's also has a very nice view of the pocket lake to the rear of the hotel, which is bonus.

Cheap keyboard is fail; it started acting wonky on me last night and was replaced by the old Compaq keyboard - which apparently lost the "0" key on the keypad somewhere along the line but otherwise works just fine, thanks. You get what you pay for, and you'd think at my age this would've been internalized by now.

No time to run over to Fox Way for laundry and cataloging before I go off to Chantilly; it'll have to happen this evening. For now I'm just chillin'.
Tags: family drama, food, tech stuff
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