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Shooter McGee's and elsewhere

No idea what kept me up until 0400 this morning. True, I ate dinner ~2230 last night, but I was home with bandages well before midnight. Any roads, I didn't get up until almost 1300, and have pretty much wasted the last couple of hours catching up on news, e-mail*, and other time-wasting flup. Told Carlos I'd go over to the house and start cataloging books so that we can start putting them on eBay, so I suppose I ought to get my ass in gear and do that. It'll also allow me to get laundry done, which would be a Good Thing.

Speaking of last night's dinner, I went over to Shooter McGee's, which I had a BOGO for, and laid waste to the clam strip appetizer (which was actually large enough to be an entree), the BBQ sandwich, and a bacon cheeseburger. I didn't eat the fries and didn't bother asking for a box. Food was pretty good; I especially liked that the BBQ wasn't slathered in sauce, which I need like a hole in the head. Service was excellent and I tipped accordingly.

So - time to shower, pack up the laundry along with Cowzilla, and get my ass over to Fox Way. I'll probably do a sandwich and load the dishwasher before I leave as well.

*None of it personal, sadly.
Tags: domestic stuff, food

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