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an early & productive start to the weekend

Fought with a couple of bank reconciliations today and finished both of them, which only leaves a couple for Monday. Barely managed to get the body shop checks done before 2 PM, which was when the body shop closed up & went home; the boss had already cleared out an hour before.

I spent the extra time off getting the Sportage inspected (passed) and dealing with the DMV. Apparently they have to verify my DD214 and decide if that and my Minnesota DL are proof enough of identity, and when they decide they'll call me back. (Hope they do; I have no idea where my birth certificate is.) Getting the Sportage tagged was a lot easier; the temp tags expire the day before my birthday, but I'm hoping the permanent ones arrive earlier so I only have to change plates (or rather have them changed) once. For the first time in my life I'm indulging in the vanity of personalized plates; the best part of the new plates is that 99% of the people who see them will have no idea WTF it refers to.

Original iffy plans for dinner got punted to Tuesday, and I waited long enough that now I NEED to go pillage the fridge. Except that I also need to score some bandages, so I guess I'm going out for dinner anyway. *headdesk*
Tags: domestic stuff, work

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