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busy busy busy

Today was payday, and I had a stack of other stuff to work on as well, so the day went by pretty quickly. Checklists were followed, t's crossed and i's dotted, and I'm pretty confident that I got everything right. Original plan was to work on bank reconciliations and body shop checks this afternoon, but this was derailed by a check run for the Portsmouth office which pretty much ate all four hours of the afternoon. There's always tomorrow.

Went by the post office and UPS on the way home, but couldn't think of anything I needed at Wal-mart so didn't stop there. I did find a barber shop just off Duke Street on Pickett and had my quarterly shearing. It felt GOOD.

I'm supposed to stay up for another hour to test my blood sugar after dinner, but I say the hell with it...it was in the green at lunch and before dinner, so I'm just going to take the bedtime insulin shot and hit the rack.

jamestrainor, I got the envelope. Thanks.
Tags: domestic stuff, medical stuff, work
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