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a day at Fox Way

Spent most of the day over at the ancestral digs helping Carlos sort through Mom & Dad's leftover books. To say there's an assload of them would be an understatement; we threw out two garbage cans (and that's the large economy-sized cans with wheels, sports fans) full and still had...mmm, about fifteen feet of shelving packed with hardbacks and softbacks. Romances, historical fiction, historical romances, the odd SF book here and there (Mom was apparently a fan of the Jean Auel Clan of the Cave Bear novels and W. Michael Gear's People series) and some other stuff. Most of the stuff we threw out was warped, mildewed or just plain too dirty for us to want to clean, but there was a fair amount of dated non-fiction that I didn't think would bring anything on eBay or half.com, which is where all these books are going. I'm going to put a link up on the LJ pointing to this stuff, on the off chance some of you Loyal Readers might have an interest in picking up some of this stuff, or know someone who might be interested, or just want to pick up some inexpensive presents for somebody you know that's into this sort of books. Carlos already used the Andrew Greeley books for .22 practice; soz m8s. I dunno what he had against them, but on the other hand I never understood what my Dad liked about them either, so...whatever.

I took care of laundry while we were doing this and wound up having to stay longer than I planned since a passing storm killed the power momentarily and I forgot to go down and restart the dryer.

Did sandwiches for dinner because both of us were too fagged out from lugging books and laundry around, and then we wasted time on Gran Turismo for the PS2, which he's not that good at and I am horrible at. Gave up trying to get through the basic tutorial after the fifth instance of crashing into walls, spinning out and/or stalling out on the grass.

Tomorrow, out to Chantilly for breakfast, miniatures spectating, and I don't know what else. For now, bed.
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