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back at the ancestral digs

Carlos has actually done quite a job clearing stuff out of the kitchen, living room, and Mom's room. So far he's unloaded six Camries worth of books, craft stuff, and miscellaneous things on Amvets, who will no doubt put them to good use while C. gets a writeoff on next year's taxes. Assuming he gets more work this year so he actually has income to take deductions on. (j/k!) I agreed to come over tomorrow and sort through books while doing laundry, which is more constructive than anything else I was likely to do. Still haven't fixed a date for Mom's funeral mass & interment, but it's not like she's going anywhere at this point. Wound up looking through old report cards and other memorabilia; found an honorable discharge certificate for Dad dated September 1981, which is a bit odd since he retired from active duty in 1975. It is his thrity-year anniversary, but doesn't match up with any kind of reserve duty commitment Carlos and I can think of.
Tags: family drama

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