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now to get Cowzilla out of the kitchen

Lugged various computer parts and cables over to the desk, got them plugged in, and proceeded to fire up the Optiplex. Praise Jesus, it still works, though I did have to call Cavalier tech support to get it hooked up to the intertubes since the installation CD I got when I moved in here back in January thinks I have a static IP address. With that fixed, I can do useful stuff like check mail, play EVE, etc. etc. Haven't hooked up the speakers yet, but I do have the USB external drive and headphones plugged in.

Went out to Herndon and did dinner with RS at the Tortilla Factory, got caught up on stuff, and got ragged on about not putting myself in the hospital to get the intravenous antibiotics. I tried to point out that there were cost factors that made this impractical, but I'm pretty sure he didn't buy it. There's also the fact that I can't afford to miss any time off from work, since I don't really have any sick or vacation days and won't until next May when my hire date comes around. Oh well.

Tomorrow's to-do list now has replacing P's chocolate-stained HP monitor with my larger generic monitor, at least until I can afford to sink a couple hundred bucks into a flatscreen. In the meantime the old-fashioned CRT sitting right in front of the thermostat and air intake vent will have to do.

Oh yeah - still no sign of those Front 242 CDs. How annoying.
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