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names but no faces

It was a weird experience going through the Classmates.com directories for my old high school, DLI, and my unit in Germany. Some names stuck out pretty well in my mind, others not so much, and that bothered me a little. I don't claim to have a perfect memory, but I used to be able to match up names and faces pretty well back in the day, and now (thanks to politics >_<) that's pretty much gone, and now when I look at some of my classmates' names, I can't remember a damn thing about them. I suppose this is much ado about nothing, since the ones that really mattered stayed in touch, and the others, well, *shrug*. I may pony up for the more expensive membership later, when I have the cash to waste on such things, but for now I'm going to try not to stew too much over it.
Tags: back in the day, friends
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