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I find that I can deal with Megan McArdle (the blogger formerly known as "Jane Galt") in her new digs at The Atlantic better when I don't read the comments. In contrast to the crowd at Asymmetrical Information, the commenters at The Atlantic are a bunch of ill-mannered fuggheads, but I repeat myself.

I like the general point of her post on media management, but she doesn't follow the chain of causation all the way back. W's posse has always treated the press as the enemy because that's how they behaved, from the 2000 campaign on forward. Obama has far less justification for doing so; their only excuse is that the Chosen One's ego is so weak that he can't bear to be around those who have the faintest tendency to criticize. I'll pass on the obvious Jesse Jackson joke.

As for guilty musical pleasures, I have to think hard about that one, because I have very little shame about my music. However, there are a few bands I don't play for public consumption either because not everyone gets the joke or because the lyrics sound like a porn soundtrack. In no particular order:

Skrewdriver - "Back with a Bang". Probably the least offensive/racist of this skinhead band's work, from their earliest releases.
Jewdriver - "All Hail The Jew Dawn". Because as Lenin once said, "Who hears Skrewdriver must hear Jewdriver." Or something.
Lords of Acid - Lust and Voodoo-U. All tracks. Not approved for audiences under 17. Maybe not even 27. It's pr0n without the video.
Public Enemy - "Bring the Noise". The Nation of Islam's rap version of Skrewdriver. No shit. Sit down and listen to the lyrics sometime.

Everything else in the collection, well, people can deal.
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