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once more to Annapolis

Short and largely unproductive day at work, ending at 1430 when I headed off to my ComfortCare appointment. Slow traffic was slow going into and through DC; I'm not sure that taking 395 up to New York Avenue and over to US 50 was any better than the usual slip & twist on South Capitol Street to the Anacostia Freeway, but it got me there only 5 minutes late. This was good, since I'd forgotten my cell phone and couldn't call ahead. :(
Measurements didn't take much time; by 1630 I was headed south on Riva Road looking for Central Avenue. Followed that east to 301 and since that didn't look nearly as fubared as the last time I'd seen it, I decided to head down that way and see if I could surprise a friend of mine who lives in the Surrattsville/Clinton area. Unfortunately it's been a few years since I'd been to his place, and his neighborhood looks to have had a lot of changes with streets added, houses torn down for a watershed reclamation project, etc. In the end I wrote the attempt off as fail and went home via the Woodrow Wilson, which like 301 was mercifully unclogged.

Going to have a light dinner and go to bed early; tomorrow is payday, with all the fun that entails.

Currently reading: Bruce Catton, Grant Moves South.
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