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Well, that figures

The very next day after I get ganked in my Typhoon while ratting - because I wasn't paying attention - I get ganked in my artycane, because I wasn't paying attention. Ironically, the ganker showed up in his Ishtar while I was price-checking Typhoons in S-Mart. :(

Fortunately, there was a Hurricane for sale in 1v; I say fortunately because the market in SP sucks right now unless I want to go over to the Kraftwerk stations and get hosed at front-line prices. Screw that.

Senior controller was busy with the stuff that came from the auditor, so he didn't have me do much for him except fill out some USPS forms and write up ledger entries which I'll probably be entering tomorrow. Which is to say work was kinda slow.

Leg continues to improve; it appears to be drying up since the amount of drainage into the surgical sponges has dropped off a cliff since I started the Omnicef. w00t.
Tags: eve, medical stuff, work
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