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Monday linkagery

New hope for the Ryugong?

Renegade parents and teachers fight back against "fuzzy math". Good on 'em, I say. (Joanne Jacobs) Also via Joanne, the WSJ says a college degree isn't always a ticket to success. Big surprise there, eh, Loyal Readers?

New York Times caught with its nose up Obama's ass again. Wow, big surprise there. (Ace. along with just about everyone else in the world)

Coyote explains the Democrats' dilemma on drilling, and also has a post about why wind and solar alone aren't up to the job of replacing coal and oil. As if that weren't enough, he points us to (via John Scalzi's blog) a new Scalzi short story in the universe of Old Man's War and a new Charles Stross short that's sort of a sequel to the awesome Atrocity Archives. Both of these are up at the new tor.com site, which looks every bit as nice as Scalzi says it does.

Speaking of the Tor site, did you realize that there's a port of Civ for the Nintendo DS? Apparently it kinda sucks, though. Think I'll stick to Civ III on my desktop and laptop.
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