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life imitates Blazing Saddles

Time: This afternoon about 5 PM
Place: Kingstowne Sunoco, right down the street from the Wal-mart

This particular Sunoco station tends to play music over the speakers when they're not telling people to pay before they pump, and on this particular day they were playing some Old School R&B. I come out of the station to pump my gas, and there's this dude at one of the pumps who could pass for Matt Hoffman's twin brother. He's just singing along to the music, which is no big deal, but as I finish pumping in my $30 "Shout" comes on - and he goes nuts. Not only is he singing at the top of his lungs, he's doing a full-tilt dance number over there. On the other side of the island from me, there's a young black dude watching this with a disbelieving "WTF?" smile. I lean over and call out the passenger window to him, "I sho' do like to watch them sing and dance." Dude cracks up, and I drive off.
Mission accomplished. :D
Tags: laffo
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