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because we're Kaiser, LOL

Test results came back from the wound culture yesterday, and after much e-mailing back and forth about cost, location, timing, and other annoying intrusions into the wonderful world of medicine I turned thumbs down on the IV antibiotics and went with an oral antibiotic yclept Omnicef. I am told it will not make me break out in hives or die of anaphylactic shock, despite being a third-generation penicillin derivative; I'm going to pick up some Benadryl anyway. Just in case. The reason we're switching to the Omnicef is that, having killed off the Staphylococcus aureus from last time, the Cipro isn't making much headway against the remaining Pseudomonas and Streptococcus, and the Sulfameth is complete fail. Could have fooled me; the wound looks like it's getting better and there's a total absence of yellow crap in there. However, IANAD.

On a closely related topic, the therapist who I suffered three hours of hellish driving to reach a couple of weeks ago called to let me know that her choice of compression garment had been vetoed by Kaiser on grounds of cost. That, and it wasn't what they asked for anyway. So, since the measurements for the CircAid are different from what she took, I get to drive up to Annapolis again. Welp.
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