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SDB explains it all

Well, actually, he doesn't, but he does explain why he doesn't do the USS Clueless thing any more. Post is very much worth reading, along with the comments which mostly revolve around the issue of alternative energy and why (Algore to the contrary) it's not going to have much impact on the US energy supply unless something unforeseen -like, say, a breakthrough in solar that makes it 500% more efficient- happens. I'm not holding my breath.
I stopped reading den Beste's new site Chizumatic some time ago since his taste in anime is different enough from mine that the reviews were becoming annoying.

Worthwhile links for those short on time:
Den Beste's original post on alternative energy and its problems.
Neo-neocon discusses the Pickens Plan, WRT the above post.
Why putting an assload of solar cells on your roof won't get you free from the power company. (Select "Electric Bill Too High" under "Reference Material".)
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