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The fall monsoon

The initial rush of work yesterday and today dribbled off to nothing in the late afternoon, and so I got a little writing done...I'm thinking of dragging Cowzilla along to AI so I can do some writing down there as well, if time allows. I'm not too sanguine about that. I'll be signing up for ten hours of volunteer work down there, and probably putting in some time helping with the Anime Detour room party, so factoring in sleep and attending some actual programming, that won't leave very much time to be sitting around hammering out space combat scenes. Still, the mood is on me, and I think Reiko and Julie will be breaking a buttload of stuff this week.

No writing got done last night, unfortunately. I stopped at the polls and cast my vote in the primary. I also got myself registered; thought I'd attended to this earlier, but I was wrong. Went home and ate, took phoenixalpha to Urgent Care for her bronchitis, and by the time we got done filling prescriptions it was past my bedtime, so that was that. Tonight is going to be laundry and pre-AI cleaning.

Currently reading: A.E. van Vogt, The World of Null-A and Bill James, The Politics of Glory. The latter book actually has nothing to do with politics in the usual sense, as it's an exploration of baseball's Hall of Fame and how players are selected for it. The paperback reissue was retitled Whatever Happened to the Hall of Fame?.
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