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shirts and other annoyances of the day

Busy day at work today; spent a lot of time reformatting spreadsheets to the senior controller's satisfaction, ferreting out a dime error in the checkbook, and hammering out checks for the monthly sales & use tax payments - along with the usual half-dozen bills that needed paying. I was busy enough that I didn't get out to lunch until ~1330, which is a little surprising.

A number of work shirts recently succumbed to their age and my girth, so I stopped by Casual Male on the way home to pick up some new ones. I was a little gunshy about the place, considering the horrible quality of the last things I bought there, but let's face it: in my size, you don't get a lot of shopping options.
I wound up paying roughly $28 per shirt for a couple of 5X casual shirts which won't look out of place, while avoiding cheaper shirts that made gook shirts look plain. I'm not really happy with them, but I can't really wait to get some Dickies shirts off the intertubes.
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