wombat_socho (wombat_socho) wrote,

Get back to work, you slackers!

Apparently many people on my f-list don't have enough to do today at work, since I'm seeing a lot of fresh posts from people I KNOW have 9-5 jobs. You're hurting the economy, you sluggards! ;)

Considering getting a small radio for the office, to be used on days when the senior controller isn't around. Oddly enough, the small tabletop radio seems to have disappeared into the mists of history. There are beatboxes, and there are clock radios, and there are Walkman-like portables, but nothing that just sits on the table and brings you the rich sounds of music, Rush Limbaugh, or whatever your officemates will tolerate. I'm looking forward to listening to Rush again, tbhq; it's been years and I miss the old bugger's ranting. God knows nobody in the office here would object. :)
Tags: tech stuff, work
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